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Anti-ARA9 / AIP Antibody (aa101-150) LS-C116067


Wt. Vol. Conc. Price
50 µg - - $365

LSBio (Direct) LSBio (Direct)

ARA9 / AIP Antibody LS-C116067 Images

[click image for a larger image and more details]
Western Blot
AIP antibody LS-C116067 Western blot of SP2/0 cell lysate.

100% Guaranteed 100% Guaranteed
Rabbit Polyclonal to Mouse ARA9 / AIP
Mouse, Rat, Hamster, Zebrafish
Western blot


Mouse ARA9 / AIP
Mouse, Rat, Hamster, Zebrafish (tested or 100% immunogen sequence identity)
Human, Monkey, Bovine, Dog, Guinea pig, Horse, Pig, Chicken (at least 90% immunogen sequence identity)
Immunoaffinity purified


Western blot (0.2 - 1 µg/ml)

Specificity and Use

ARA9 / AIP antibody was raised against synthetic peptide located between aa101-150 of mouse Aip (O08915, NP_057875). Percent identity by BLAST analysis: Mouse, Rat, Hamster (100%); Human, Gorilla, Gibbon, Monkey, Galago, Marmoset, Elephant, Panda, Dog, Bovine, Horse, Pig, Opossum, Guinea pig, Turkey, Chicken, Lizard (92%); Bat, Salmon, Stickleback, Zebrafish (85%); Xenopus (84%).
LS-E13347 - Lyophilized - 100 µg - $95.00
Mouse AIP
Western Blot: Suggested dilution at 1 ug/ml in 5% skim milk / PBS buffer, and HRP conjugated anti-Rabbit IgG should be diluted in 1: 50,000 - 100,000 as secondary antibody.


Lyophilized from PBS with 2% sucrose
Distilled water
Long term: -20°C, the use of 50% glycerol is recommended if storing aliquots in -20°C for long term use (up to 1 year); Short term (less than one week): +4°C. Avoid repeat freeze-thaw cycles.
For research use only.

About ARA9 / AIP

O00170 NM_003977 NP_003968.3

AIP Antibody, FKBP16 Antibody, Immunophilin homolog ARA9 Antibody, HBV X-associated protein 2 Antibody, XAP2 Antibody, ARA9 Antibody, FKBP37 Antibody, SMTPHN Antibody, XAP-2 Antibody

AIP may play a positive role in AHR-mediated signalling possibly by influencing its receptivity for ligand and/or its nuclear targeting. AIP is the cellular negative regulator of the HBV X protein.

Western Blot

Western Blot
AIP antibody LS-C116067 Western blot of SP2/0 cell lysate.

Requested From: United States
Date Requested: 3/3/2015

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