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Anti-SCN9A / Nav1.7 Antibody (Internal) IHC-plus™ LS-A9594


Wt. Vol. Conc. Price
50 µg 50 µl 1 mg/ml $395
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SCN9A / Nav1.7 Antibody LS-A9594 Images

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Anti-SCN9A / Nav1.7 antibody LS-A9594 IHC of human small intestine, neuroendocrine cells.

100% Guaranteed 100% Guaranteed In Stock In Stock
Rabbit Polyclonal to Human SCN9A / Nav1.7
IHC - Paraffin


Human SCN9A / Nav1.7
Human (tested or 100% immunogen sequence identity)
Monkey, Mouse, Bovine, Dog, Horse, Pig, Rabbit (at least 90% immunogen sequence identity)
Immunoaffinity purified


IHC - Paraffin (10 µg/ml)

Specificity and Use

SCN9A / Nav1.7 antibody was raised against synthetic 17 amino acid peptide from internal region of human SCN9A / Nav1.7. Percent identity with other species by BLAST analysis: Human, Gorilla, Gibbon, Monkey (100%); Marmoset, Mouse, Panda, Dog, Bovine, Horse, Rabbit, Pig (94%); Rat, Hamster, Bat (88%); Elephant, Platypus (82%).
LS-E29701 - Liquid - 50 µg - $145.00
Human SCN9A / Nav1.7. BLAST analysis of the peptide immunogen showed no homology with other human proteins, except SCN8A (71%).


PBS, less than 0.1% sodium azide.
Long term: -70°C; Short term: +4°C
For research use only.

About SCN9A / Nav1.7

Q15858 NM_002977 NP_002968.1

SCN9A Antibody, ETHA Antibody, GEFSP7 Antibody, Nav1.7 Antibody, HNE-Na Antibody, Peripheral sodium channel 1 Antibody, PN1 Antibody, SFNP Antibody, Sodium channel 25 Antibody, Neuroendocrine sodium channel Antibody, FEB3B Antibody, NE-NA Antibody, NENA Antibody

Scn9a encodes the alpha subunit of the type IX voltage-gated sodium channel. These channels, composed of one alpha and one or two beta subunits, mediate changes in cell permeability to sodium ions that are essential for the generation of action potentials. The alpha subunit alone can generate a functional channel in vitro >, but it's kinetic properties are modulated by beta subunits. The type IX channel is tetrodotoxin sensitive and is believed to function in hyperexcitability induced pain.


Anti-SCN9A / Nav1.7 antibody LS-A9594 IHC of human small intestine, neuroendocrine cells. Immunohistochemistry of formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue after heat-induced antigen retrieval.

Requested From: United States
Date Requested: 4/18/2015

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