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Anti-PDCD4 Antibody (phospho-Ser457) IHC-plus™ LS-B487


Wt. Vol. Conc. Price
50 µg - 1 mg/ml $395

LSBio (Direct) LSBio (Direct)

PDCD4 Antibody LS-B487 Images

[click image for a larger image and more details]
Anti-PDCD4 antibody IHC of human breast.
Western Blot
Anti-Pdcd4 pS457 - Western Blot.

100% Guaranteed 100% Guaranteed Publications Publications (1)
Rabbit Polyclonal to Human PDCD4
Human, Mouse, Rat, Xenopus
IHC - Paraffin, Western blot, ELISA


Human PDCD4
Human, Mouse, Rat, Xenopus (tested or 100% immunogen sequence identity)
Immunoaffinity purified


IHC - Paraffin (1.25 - 2.5 µg/ml), Western blot (1:200 - 1:5000), ELISA (1:1500 - 1:7000)

Specificity and Use

PDCD4 antibody was raised against synthetic peptide from human PDCD4.
Amino acids 447-465 of human Pdcd4 protein.
Immunohistochemistry: LS-B487 was validated for use in immunohistochemistry on a panel of 21 formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) human tissues after heat induced antigen retrieval in pH 6.0 citrate buffer. After incubation with the primary antibody, slides were incubated with biotinylated secondary antibody, followed by alkaline phosphatase-streptavidin and chromogen. The stained slides were evaluated by a pathologist to confirm staining specificity. The optimal working concentration for LS-B487 was determined to be 1.25-2.5 ug/ml.


0.02 M potassium phosphate, 0.15 M sodium chloride, pH 7.2, 0.01% sodium azide.
Long term: -20°C; Short term: +4°C. Avoid repeat freeze-thaw cycles.
For research use only.

Publications (1)

Up-regulation of miR-21 by HER2/neu signaling promotes cell invasion. Huang TH, Wu F, Loeb GB, Hsu R, Heidersbach A, Brincat A, Horiuchi D, Lebbink RJ, Mo YY, Goga A, McManus MT. The Journal of biological chemistry. 2009 284:18515-24. [PubMed:19419954] [PMC:PMC2709372]

About PDCD4

Q53EL6 NM_014456 NP_055271.2

PDCD4 Antibody, H731 Antibody, Nuclear antigen H731-like Antibody, Nuclear antigen H731 Antibody, Protein 197/15a Antibody

This gene encodes a protein localized to the nucleus in proliferating cells. Expression of this gene is modulated by cytokines in natural killer and T cells. The gene product is thought to play a role in apoptosis but the specific role has not yet been determined. Two transcripts encoding different isoforms have been identified. PDCD4 inhibits the translation initiation factor E1F4A.


Anti-PDCD4 antibody IHC of human breast. Immunohistochemistry of formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue after heat-induced antigen retrieval. Antibody LS-B487 concentration 5 ug/ml.

Western Blot

Western Blot
Anti-Pdcd4 pS457 - Western Blot. Western blot of affinity purified anti-Pdcd4 pS457 antibody shows detection of Pdcd4 phosphorylated at Ser 457 (arrowheads). Lanes 1 & 2 each contain 100 ng recombinant Pdcd4. Lanes 3 & 4 each contain 30 ug of whole cell extract from 293 HEK cells treated with 20 nM TPA and MG132 proteosome inhibitor for 8 hours. The signal can be competed off with peptide phosphorylated at Ser 457 (Lanes 2 & 4). Personal Communication, M Young & A Jansen, NCI, Bethesda, MD.

Requested From: United States
Date Requested: 2/28/2015

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