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Anti-NOTCH2 / NOTCH-2 Antibody (aa2396-2409) IHC-plus™ LS-B399

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Human NOTCH2 / NOTCH-2 ELISA Kit - LS-F9191
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Wt. Vol. Conc. Price
- 50 µl 75 mg/ml $395

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NOTCH2 / NOTCH-2 Antibody LS-B399 Images

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Western blot
Western blot of anti-Notch 2 (intra) antibody shows detection of a band at ~110 kDa...
Anti-NOTCH2 antibody IHC of human kidney.
Western blot
Anti-Notch 2 Antibody - Western Blot.

100% Guaranteed 100% Guaranteed Publications Publications (3)
Rabbit Polyclonal to Human NOTCH2 / NOTCH-2
Human, Dog
IHC - Paraffin, Immunofluorescence, Western blot, ELISA


Human NOTCH2 / NOTCH-2
Human, Dog (tested or 100% immunogen sequence identity)
Sterile filtered


IHC - Paraffin (1:500), Immunofluorescence, Western blot (1:400 - 1:2000), ELISA (1:30000 - 1:90000)

Specificity and Use

NOTCH2 / NOTCH-2 antibody was raised against synthetic peptide from human NOTCH2.
Amino acid residues 2396-2409 of human Notch 2 (the total protein is 2471 aa). A residue of cysteine was added to the amino terminal end to facilitate coupling.
Immunohistochemistry: LS-B399 was validated for use in immunohistochemistry on a panel of 21 formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) human tissues after heat induced antigen retrieval in pH 6.0 citrate buffer. After incubation with the primary antibody, slides were incubated with biotinylated secondary antibody, followed by alkaline phosphatase-streptavidin and chromogen. The stained slides were evaluated by a pathologist to confirm staining specificity. The optimal working concentration for LS-B399 was determined to be 1:500.


0.02 M potassium phosphate, 0.15 M sodium chloride, pH 7.2, 0.1% sodium azide.
Long term: -20°C; Short term: +4°C. Avoid repeat freeze-thaw cycles.
For research use only.

Publications (3)

Differential expression of Notch receptors and their ligands in desmoplastic ameloblastoma. Siar CH, Nakano K, Han PP, Nagatsuka H, Ng KH, Kawakami T. Journal of oral pathology & medicine : official publication of the International Association of Oral Pathologists and the American Academy of Oral Pathology. 2010 39:552-8. (IHC-P; Human) [PubMed:20337864]
Notch4 overexpression in ameloblastoma correlates with the solid/multicystic phenotype. Siar CH, Nagatsuka H, Chuah KS, Rivera RS, Nakano K, Ng KH, Kawakami T. Oral surgery, oral medicine, oral pathology, oral radiology, and endodontics. 2010 110:224-33. (IHC-P; Human) [PubMed:20659700]
Immunolocalization of notch signaling protein molecules in a maxillary chondrosarcoma and its recurrent tumor. Siar CH, Ha KO, Aung LO, Nakano K, Tsujigiwa H, Nagatsuka H, Ng KH, Kawakami T. European journal of medical research. 2010 15:456-60. (IHC-P; Human) [PubMed:21156405] [PMC:PMC3352190]

About NOTCH2 / NOTCH-2

Q04721 NM_024408 NP_077719.2

NOTCH2 Antibody, AGS2 Antibody, HN2 Antibody, Notch (Drosophila) homolog 2 Antibody, Notch homolog 2 (Drosophila) Antibody, Notch 2 Antibody, Notch homolog 2 Antibody, HJCYS Antibody


Anti-NOTCH2 antibody IHC of human kidney. Immunohistochemistry of formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue after heat-induced antigen retrieval. Antibody LS-B399 dilution 1:500.

Western blot

Western blot
Anti-Notch 2 Antibody - Western Blot. Western blot of anti-Notch 2 (intra) antibody shows detection of a band at ~110 kD corresponding to active Notch 2 protein (arrowhead). Western Blot analysis was performed for Notch 2 expression using 100 ug of total protein lysate obtained from human mesothelial SV40 cells transfected with a plasmid encoding a constitutively active Notch 2 (intra cellular Notch 2). Lanes 1-3 contain lysate 24 h (1), 48 h (2), and 72 h (3) post transfection. Lanes 4-6 are the corresponding control cells (untransfected) taken at similar time points. The band at about 110kD represents active Notch 2. This band is not seen in the control cell. The intracellular domain of Notch 2 has a predicted band size of 110kD, corresponding to this band. Protein cell lysates were run on a 10% SDS-page gel, blotted onto Hybond C membrane, blocked overnight in PBS-Tween 20 supplemented with 5% Non-fat Milk and probed with anti-Notch 2 at a 1:400 dilution. ECL was used as visualization method.

Requested From: United States
Date Requested: 3/31/2015

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